About Us

Safety Cap began as a vision long ago at a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, Colorado.  After going up to a vendor to buy a bottle of water the founder of Safety Cap noticed they took the bottle cap.  Thinking this was just a mistake by the vendor, he asked for the bottle cap to the water to make life a little easier.  Along with wanting to STAY SAFE from someone possibly slipping something into his water.  The vendor informed him he was unable to do so and that the venue had to take all caps for all drinks for reasons he could not explain.  Thinking the vendor was joking, he asked one more time, but was told this was not a joke and he was serious.  The whole night the water became a hassle without the bottle cap...and the founder decided he wanted to figure out a simple solution to this problem! 

After talking to others about this event, thinking this was a problem that only bothered him, he came to realize this annoyed many other people!  A dream was officially born.  After many designs and prototypes the first universal bottle cap was produced.  Following testing to make sure it was perfect, we are proud to announce Safety Cap!